Prompt of the Day: Flash Fiction/Poetry

Laura Theobald is one of the many writers incorporating modern technology into their work. Using iOS predictive text, Theobald wrote an entire collection of poems titled THE BEST THING EVER. You too can create an interesting story or prose poem through predictive text. You’ll also get a glimpse into your psyche when you see which words you use most frequently.


  • 20-25 words minimum
  • start with “I died”
  • if predictive text repeats the same word(s) too often, hit a random letter for more vocabulary options


Here’s my attempt (I can’t stop laughing):



I died in the past, and it is literally just one of my favorite places. Yeah, that’s what I’m going through. Right after lunch, I’ll be a feeling. Like this, but so far away. I’m going home now. I’ll let y’all be good. I’ll talk tomorrow night. And love with him has no chance. I died in a good mood I guess. I died in the way you told me. I died in the world. Just let me remember that.



  1. Here is mine…
    I died a few years ago when I saw a lady who was lost in the dark. I don’t know what happened but I didn’t have any time to do anything. I thought I would be happy with it but I don’t think I can ever be happy. I only regret that I was so proud to have a great friend and I never knew if I would be able to see them again. You know what I mean? Thank goodness for you, my friend who is a wonderful person too. Goodbye.

    Melancholy has ever…

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    1. lizmcgehee says:

      This turned out really well!

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